Sunday, 14 September 2014

Falling Behind

I'm trying to do some work on my internals, because I am so far behind and have four to finish in two weeks. But I just can't think. 

I'm writing about Steven Spielberg, comparing scenes from two of his movies - one is from Saving Private Ryan, and is when Caparzo is shot for trying to save the child who reminds him of his neice. The other is from Empire of the Sun, and is at the beginning when the family is driving through the poverty-stricken city of Shanghai to attend a fancy dress party. I have to look at the two scenes and see what techniques Spielberg uses to illustrate theme and make them his own. 

It's a really straightforward internal, just a simple essay. But I can't put down into writing what's in my head, and half the time there's nothing in my head because I'm so tired. Or my head is pounding too hard.

I can't stop thinking about how the old me, the healthy me, would have found this a piece of cake. I thought I was making progress, but at the moment I'm just going through one of those times, when I wish that I was healthy and able to do simple things. 

I'll go have a lie down and try again tomorrow. 

Good luck,

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