Monday, 26 May 2014

Cooking Fails

I've come to the conclusion that I CAN'T COOK. Cookies turn out dry, cupcakes are overmixed, meat is either too raw to eat or so overcooked it's not pleasant. And it sucks, because I love to cook! It's relaxing, it doesn't take too much effort, and it's a great excuse to dance around my kitchen singing along to the radio. And if I get dizzy, or headache-y I can usually just take a break before getting back into it. It would be a win win, if the food ends up decent. But usually it gets a couple of bites out of it before being tossed.

I don't understand - my dad just finished a Cordon Bleu cooking course and my mum makes restaurant quality dinners every night. How did I miss out on the cooking gene?! But I cook anyway because hell, it's still fun even if the food wouldn't get a 10 from Pete and Manu. (MKR reference, anyone?)

Is there anything you love to do even though you suck at it? Do you know any fool-proof recipes I could attempt??

Have a great day!

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