Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Symple Life

One of the hardest things for me has been to track my POTS symptoms. For about a month I carried a little notebook around with me, writing every little thing down - what I ate, when I slept, who I saw, how I was feeling, intensity of symptoms - everything. And it took so much time I found myself dreading having to write down my entire life. But the benefits of having a diary of your symptoms are so helpful when it comes to POTS, to find out what's affecting your condition negatively or what's helping. I was just hating having to write it all down.

However! A couple of days ago I found an app for my iPhone that has made it SO MUCH EASIER. It's called Symple, and it's a symptom tracker and health diary. It's amazing! I can track my symptoms everyday, write notes about my day (I typically write my salt and fluid intake) and have a list of different factors that could have affected my symptoms (e.g. seeing friends, exercising, going to school etc). It can track up to 20 symptoms at a time, and it makes it so easy to keep on top of it all. It cost $3.79 on the AppStore, but in my opinion it was totally worth it. (the journal I used to write in cost around $6, so it's more cost effective for me!)

My one complaint is that you can only record a symptom once a day, which isn't great for me seeing as my symptoms vary from morning to post exercise to night-time. But that's okay; I've just listed my symptoms as different parts of the day, like 'Headache AM' and 'Headache Post Gym'. It's a downside because it takes up more room in my 20 symptom max, but for me it works just fine, and I'm loving it!

If you want to track symptoms and factors day to day, I'd definitely recommend Symple. It's the best app I've found for keeping on top of it all!

Hope you have a great day!

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