Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Recently I've been listening to a lot of music. I've always been one of those girls who belt out to the radio when driving along in the car, but when I get home in my room I generally listen to the same CD over and over again. However my boyfriend recently made a playlist full of songs that were a blast from the past, and it made me realise that I really love just sitting and chilling and listening to a great track. There's something about listening to a song that you love that can completely change your mood; it's great because it's something I can do just chilling from my bed when I'm not feeling well, and it doesn't require much concentration.
I've now made two playlists of my own on Spotify. (Which I love by the way, even though the ads can kind of ruin the vibe.) One of them is Good Tracks, just a random collection of songs that I love to sing along to and put me in a good mood. Some newly discovered, others that are oldies but goodies. The other is slow, and it's songs that I like to listen to when I'm trying to relax, or just in a chill mood. Hope you listen to them and enjoy!
Have a great day!

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