Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hall Time

It's that time of year - time to apply for university halls of residence. In a weird way this is more daunting than applying for the actual university.

Applying for halls in New Zealand seems easy, until you get to the bit where they ask why you think you should be admitted. I hate answering questions like that, because there's no way you can write a convincing argument without seeming like you have a ginormous ego. Not only that, but what can I contribute to the dorm community when I spend 80% of my life dizzy in bed? That's when you have to make up bullshit about how you push through it all, even though it feels like you're lying through your teeth.

Part of the application asks about what you've accomplished over the years academically, culturally, and leadership-ally. I whipped out all my school reports, all of my certificates and awards that Mum's  been hoarding for years. And it was depressing. Seeing how POTS has directly affected my life, and not being able to avoid it... it's hard. Seeing how much I used to accomplish, and watching it dwindle year after year until you have no academic achievements or leadership positions this year just sucks.

Anyway, after two hours of filling in forms, I've handed it in. Now just waiting for the gods (a.k.a. University Admission Board) to decide.

Anyone else applying for uni this year?

Hope you have a great day!

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